5 ways Sarawak can beat Kelantan

1. Play pressing game

Whether the ball is in the Sarawak area or the opposition area, or any spot in between, there will be no let-up allowed, and Sarawak can gain an increased possession in the game. In addition, do not forget to heat up the match, maybe worth a red card or two.

2. Subramaniam's factor

Much have been said for his stellar performances that earns his recall to the national side. On the contrary, his performances by no means, mediocre. He has a questionable ability of marking players, and have a tendency to clear the ball to nowhere. He is also prone to making mistakes, and Sarawak front line must be ready to focus on him ahead of the match. Close him down, press him, and its worth.

3. Kelantan's off-field problems

Is Butler still there? Will Ghaddar play? Kelantan is surely in the limelight for the wrong reason.

4. Forget Badri Radzi

Look at what he is doing? He only slows the game. Playing counter-attacking game will not benefit Kelantan. If the ball at his feet, he will take time and look for players in front of him, and pass the ball stylishly. That's all.

5. Forget the imports

Be it Ghaddar or newcomers Onyekachi, Kelantan goal-scoring ability comes from local talents. As such, Sarawak should be wary of Kelantan attacking strike force of Norshahrul and seasoned Indra Putra. Cut the supply for them. Let Sarawak's midfielder do the job.

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  1. wow, this is even better than and Rizal Hashim's. Kudos to Siti Payung.


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