What We Learned From Chelsea vs Bolton


The match just ended with Chelsea beating Bolton 3 goals to nil. A huge relief for Andre Villas Boas. So, suaraserak.blogspot brings to you, What We Learned From Chelsea vs Bolton.

1. David Luiz is one of the best defender in the world

Cool hair-do. Dazzling skills on the ball. Pushing forward when opportunity arises, providing extra body in midfield, never compromising his defensive duty. Reminiscence of Franz Beckenbauer and a certain Rio Ferdinand during their heydays as libero, ball playing defender. Earned extra points by stealing the ball from an opponent, lovely pass to a teammate, then collecting back another, spotted a chance and suddenly Chelsea open the scoring. His finishing would make Fernando Torres looks like Emile Heskey. He is definitely one of the best defender, if not the best. A perfect and ready made replacement for the aging Lucio of Inter Milan for Brazil.

2. Never write off Frank Lampard 

Call him old, out fashioned or obsolete. Playing second fiddle to Andre Villas Boas's team this season, yet he keeps his fighting spirit intact. A model professional, comparable only to Paul Scholes, the Manchester United legend. Lampard is Chelsea's leading scorer this season, and has certainly marked his authority in English football, becoming the highest scoring midfielder of the decade with 150++ goals. His second goal for Chelsea in this match says it all. Plus a tidy display in midfield. Villas Boas must be wondering how wrong he could by every time he left Lampard off the team's first XI. 

3. Ryo Miyaichi is Arsenal's next best thing (after Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (who is the Arsenal's next best thing after Theo Walcott))

He's only 19. Definitely still learning the trade of English football. But his running and penetration down the left wing would make Arsene Wenger thinks twice why he let a gem go on loan and keeping the disappointing and hapless (former) Russian maestro in Andre Arshavin. Now receiving his first senior international call up, Miyaichi's future looks bright. Can't wait for years to come when he will be locking horns with other young starlets of English football, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling to name a few. Miyaichi on the left and Chambo on the right, not a bad idea at all.

4. Didier Drogba's play acting is the worst in English football history

He is revered in his country. But not so among the Bolton's fans. His miss timed tackle (I prefer calling it a kick) on Tuncay Sanli, is so bad that it may warrant a booking. What happens next is shocking. He turned 360 degree, performing an almost a chicken dance before went down on the ground, as if he was tackled by Djohan Djourou from behind. He failed to knock off his "injury" and was substituted for Fernando Torres shortly after. Rivaldo must be laughing watching such a performance. What a shame considering this comes from a "great" footballer.

5. Forget Fernando Torres

He cuts a forlorn figure in his 14 minutes on the pitch, never presenting the offensive threat he once was. Got a decent chance in the 87 minute, but he blasted the ball over the bar. David Luiz could have done better. One decent cross from the right wing on the dying minute of the match, but that is all from the Spaniard who recently was dropped from the Spain squad. A Michael Owen in the making? Hopefully not, Roman Abramovich certainly not happy with that idea.


This is a massive win for Chelsea.


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