Open letter to Chef Bruce Lim

Dear Chef Bruce,

How are you? I hope you are doing fine, together with you other bald buddies (please send my special regards to your chief assistant, Monkey). Christmas is drawing near; I wonder if you are done with your planning and preparation for your Christmas show, which I believe, you just did. I can’t wait to watch your show. In fact, I have watched some of the advertisement for your Christmas show (a happy santa and a happy elf).

You are one of a kind, at least to me. I hope you take this letter with an open heart and give some perspective how people like me, evaluate your performance, particularly your “performance” in E&O Search for AFC's Next Celebrity Chef.

There are some pointers which, in my humble opinion you should seriously take note of. Perhaps they might boost your P.R. skills and personality:-

1. Please reduce your tendency to swearing and cursing people/food. I get agigated (very very agitated) watching you with your antics and tantrums going on and on. Perhaps you may convey to the producer to screen some of the scene with inappropriate behaviour. This is not Hell’s Kitchen. There’s a border line between being harsh and assertive, as compared to being a total jerk.

2. Please show respect to your peers and others. By observing the way you interact with you peers and fellow judges, I came into one conclusion; your lack of respect towards others is beyond rational. You may see a glass half empty, but others see a half full glass. Perspective. Some people call a particular leave coriander, others called it cilantro.

3. Try to balance between professional advice and personal attitude. You get nothing by smashing platters prepared the contestants, and I believe the contestants won’t like it either. The mere fact that other chef had done it to you does not warrant you doing the same to the contestants. Yes, life is like a waterfall, goes round and round, but perhaps, not in every case.

4. Please learn how to appreciate humor. For a start, you may watch Maharaja Lawak Mega. It’s not a reality cooking show, but just another ordinary humorous show where you’ll chill and relax and have some fun looking at some extraordinary people joking and wandering around. Chef Shinith was doing absolutely fine in his Spice Emperors segment during the show. LOL.

I hope you don’t take this personally. Nothing’s personal, just my opinion and observation. Anyway, the good thing is you are willing to share your knowledge and experience and are always enthusiastic for the most part of the show. Five stars for that. Keep it up “boss”.

Happy cooking.

Mr. D

c.c Chef Wan & Chef Anis Nabilah

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